Never Trust Your Tongue

“Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter. Hush until you heal.” I saw this saying on my facebook feed this morning and it stood out. As humans we have a tendency to let our mouth overload our brain when we are angry. We forget that we should filter our words carefully because once spoken they can never be recalled. We are told in the Bible to be angry but sin not. When we say things in anger or hurt, we sin.
We sing a song that goes “Angry Words let them never from the tongue unbridled slip. May the heart’s best impulse ever check them ere they soil the lip.”
Verse 3 says it all : “ Angry words are lightly spoken, Bitt’rest tho’ts are rashly stirred, Brightest links in life are broken, By a single angry word.”
These words are so true, relationships are destroyed, families are torn apart and self-destruction ensues when we allow angry words to control our hearts.
It takes ten seconds for one to stop, think and re-calibrate their thought process before saying something in anger. It takes ten seconds to remember how we would feel if those words were spoken to us in anger.
Words matter, they can either build up or tear down. They can be a calm in the storm, or they can be the storm. They can be a balm on a troubled soul or they can be hot oil that burns even more.
Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter. Hush until you heal.